DIY Drones

Epiphanies from Chris Anderson

The entrepreneur and technology theorist weighs in on drones, surveillance, and what’s coming next.



Chris Anderson has been called many things: a visionary, a pioneer of the Internet economy, a proselytizer of DIY 2.0. But it’s probably more apt to think of him as a weather vane: He might not control the winds of change, but he’s often the first to see which way they’re blowing. Trained as a physicist with a sideline in quantum mechanics, Anderson brought a scientist’s curiosity to the helm of Wired magazine. In his nearly 12 years as editor, he made science and technology cool again, while writing a trio of books about Silicon Valley’s big ideas, from the “long tail” theory of how to sell stuff online to why giving things away for free is good for business. His latest manifesto is Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is with 3D Robotics, a do-it-yourself company that envisions a world full of inexpensive, autonomous drones. No longer just a weather vane, now Anderson is taking to the sky.

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