Internet & Startup 101 Resources

Startup Resources on this blog:

Read these posts first:


Other Great Startup Resources:

Yodas & Wise Men in the startup and Internet world:

·         Paul Graham –

·         Sean Ellis-

·         Andrew Chen Blog –

·         VentureHacks (Naval Ravikant & Babak Nivi) –

·         Paul Buccheit ( Creator of Gmail)-

·         Steve Blank –

·         Eric Ries

·         Mark Suster –

·         Fred Wilson –

·         Chris Dixon –

·         Ben Horowitz –

·         Bill Gurley –

·         David Cowan –
·         Sam Altman –

·         Glenn Kelman (Founder of RedFin)

* Marc Andreessen –

Overall Startup & Entrepreneurial Resources:

Product Management:

Internet Business & Revenue Models:

o   Show me the money presentation by Jeremy Liew:

§  Three ways to build an online media business to $50m in revenue:

o   9 types of business models on the web:

o   8 Revenue model options for Internet startups-

Customer Development & Lean Startups

o   Customer Development Book:

o   Lean Start Up Book:

o   Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development –

o   VentureHacks-

*  Customer Development & Sales Learning Cycles:

Cost of Customer Acquisition:

o (This is the seminal article that talks about the importance of CAC/COCA)




·         Marketing & Customer Acquisition

o   How to be a growth hacker-

§  Make sure to read all of Andrew Chen’s essays on viral marketing & user acquisition-

o  Sean Ellis – The sultan of startup marketing-



Business Plan & Investor Pitching

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