Why Yahoo & Other Public Internet Companies Can’t Innovate

Yahoo & other public internet companies??are mostly consumer facing application and the UI that most people interact with is everything.
You can optimize all you want on the backend but if the user experience does not change drastically, then the customers will not notice the change and then what is the point of innovation if users cant touch & feel it (I am obviously simplifying here to make a larger point).
Most public internet companies don’t want to make drastic changes to thier UI because they don’t want to
1) Risk pissing of users
2) Worry about Advertising revenue drop offs because of lower click through rates or some other factor.
Therefore all the A/B testing is about optimizing local maxima.
This is why Zuckerbeg’s ability to take risks and innovate on the UI is remarkable. But once Facebook goes public, will he still have the same ability to take risks on the UI if it means missing quarterly revenue targets?
That is one of the reasons Yahoo’s email interface hasn’t fundamentally changed from the beginning of time. Gmail came and made some innovations but thier UI has been fundamentally been the same since its launch.
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